Campus Facilities

GTL campus

Access to Campus Building
The GTL campus building is accessible with an electronic key that is given to each student upon arrival. Each student is required to provide a refundable deposit of €20 and the only form of payment accepted is cash. Access is provided 06:00AM-00:00AM, 7 days a week with a key.

Computer Access
When you arrive, you will receive your personal GTL computer account (ID + password) and your personal GT computer account (ID + password). Students will have access to the Computer Lab everyday during building opening hours. For additional information regarding computer access contact the system administrator, Jean-Jacques Michel.  

You must access this account as some GTL specific information is provided only through the email related to that account.

For additional information regarding computer access , such as forwarding emails to external accounts, resetting local passwords etc.., please click here (IntraWWW) .

Slides of the computer orientation that took place in January 2015 : Computer Orientation for Spring 2015.

One copy machine is located on level 2 and is accessible with a personal ID and password. The cost is 3 euros for 100 copies and 5 euros for 200 copies.

The Metz Campus Library is a technical and scientific library with all the basic textbooks for the required courses. The library is open during building opening hours.

Printers will be available for students' use in the computer lab & student lounge. Similar to Georgia Tech, students will have a limited number of pages that they can print each week.