Health Insurance

All students studying at Georgia Tech-Lorraine must have health insurance prior to departure. Based on your age, program, and length of stay, rates and plans may vary.

Students Staying 1 Semester
Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI)  for the entire length of your stay in Europe Cost approximately $1/day (dates must match dates on your plane ticket)

Students Staying 2 Semesters
Couverture Sécurité Sociale (mandatory French health insurance) from October 1st to September 30th of the following year  (was priced at €213 for the 2014-2015 academic year)

Other Insurance Information

- For students who are married and/or have children, spouse and children are covered by the student's health insurance for free
- French Health Insurance: For students needing French Health Insurance, please complete and sign the French Health Insurance Application. Once completed and signed, students must mail the form back to the Georgia Tech-Lorraine office along with a personal check and a copy of his/her passport. Please ensure a check is made out to Georgia Tech-Lorraine in the amount of €213 . To ensure you have the appopriate currency exchange rate, please use the exchange rate for the day the check is written.
- Proof of "Repatriation & Evacuation" coverage from your US Health Insurance while abroad is required, or you will need to purchase additionnal coverage for the entire length of your stay in Europe

Students staying 2 semesters or more and are 28 years of age or older must provide private health insurance

NOTE: Double degree students from partner schools are covered by their home university health insurance plan while studying at Georgia Tech-Lorraine