Program Costs - Spring 2018

Non-Georgia residents pay in-state tuition while studying at Georgia Tech-Lorraine, which represents a cost savings of over $15,000 per year.

Item Amount Paid to Due Date

GT-Lorraine Student Fees* (for students going to GTL)


$571 Georgia Tech-Lorraine First week of class

GT-Atlanta Fee (for students coming to Atlanta)

$1,005 Georgia Tech-Lorraine 1.5 months before first day of class


  • Long-stay student visa for France
  • U.S. F-1 visa





French Consulate in home country (for students going to GTL)

U.S. Embassy in home country (for dual-degree students coming to Atlanta)

Apply 3 months prior to departure for long-stay student visa for France

Apply 4 months prior to departure for the U.S. F1 visa

Health Insurance:

  • In France
  • In the US


215 € per year
$1083 (Spring 2018); 




Beginning of the semester
Beginning of the semester

*The Georgia Tech-Lorraine Student Fees are broken up into the following categories: $100 for Georgia Tech-Lorraine Service Fee, $20 for Georgia Tech-Lorraine Student Organization Fee, $107 for Georgia Tech-Lorraine Technology fee, and $344 for a Board of Regents (BOR) Special Institution Fee.