Scholarships, Assistantships, and Contests for Georgia Tech-Lorraine Students


The Hope & Zell Miller Scholarships:  Applicable to all Georgia Tech-Lorraine undergraduate programs. See Office of Financial Aid for details.

Bill Sayle Scholarship:  Two, $1,000 scholarships given per semester (Fall and Spring semesters; Summer semester excluded) in honor of Professor Bill Sayle, who served as the Director of Undergraduate Programs for Georgia Tech-Lorraine from 2003 to 2007. Dr. Sayle passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2008. He was a champion and advocate for students throughout his career. This scholarship is intended to support motivated students with financial needs.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Enrollment in an undergraduate engineering program at Georgia Tech
  • Participation in the Spring or Fall undergraduate programs at Georgia Tech-Lorraine
  • Minimum overall GPA of 3.0 at time of application
  • Financial need
  • Completion of Bill Sayle Scholarship Application

Application Deadlines:  Fall: mid-June  Spring: mid-November

The application must be submitted online and the letter of recommendation must be emailed directly by the Referee  to Catherine Bass


Armanios Family Georgia Tech-Lorraine Study Abroad Scholarship:  One $500 scholarship per semester is offered by the Armanios/Philobos family to support Georgia Tech-Lorraine’s study abroad program. These scholarships are designated for female engineering students. Dr. Armanios is a former member of the Aerospace Engineering faculty at Georgia Tech, and Dr. Philobos, affectionately known as “Mimi” is the architect of Georgia Tech’s Women in Engineering program. Both are now at the University of Texas, Arlington. Dr. Armanios is the Chair of the School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering and Dr. Philobos is Assistant Dean to the College of Engineering

Eligibility Criteria

  • Female undergraduate engineering student participating in Georgia Tech-Lorraine program in Fall or Spring
  • Minimum overall GPA of 3.15 at time of application (Honors)- indicative of academic motivation
  • U.S. citizenship
  • Completion of Armanios Scholarship Application

Application Deadlines:  Fall:  mid-June, Spring:  mid-November

The application must be submitted online and the letter of recommendation must be emailed directly by the Referee  to Catherine Bass


The Georgia Tech-Lorraine Challenge Scholarship is a need-based scholarship established to support outstanding Georgia Tech undergraduate and graduate students who might not be able to participate in a program of study through Georgia Tech-Lorraine, without financial assistance.  The Georgia Tech-Lorraine Endowment Fund, which funds this scholarship, is comprised of donations from alumni and friends of Georgia Tech-Lorraine.

$10,000 will be disbursed from the Challenge Fund each year*, as follows:

  • $5,000 – to one (1) current dual-degree graduate student (international) participating in Georgia Tech-Lorraine’s Dual-degree Masters program. (Funds to be disbursed during the semester the winning student is at Georgia Tech-Lorraine, and applied towards tuition for the final semester of the program, which takes place at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. 
  • $2,500 – to one (1) current Georgia Tech graduate student (U.S. citizen or International Student) spending a semester or more at Georgia Tech-Lorraine. Note: the scholarship will go to one (1) deserving graduate student each year, in either the Spring or Fall semester. (Deadline to apply for Fall 2018 is June 1; decision made by the end of July. Deadline to apply for Spring 2019 is October 15; decision made by end of November.)
  • $2,500 – to one (1) current Georgia Tech undergraduate student (U.S. citizen or International Student) spending the Spring or Fall semester at Georgia Tech-Lorraine. Note: the scholarship will go to one (1) deserving undergraduate student each year, in either the Spring or Fall semester. (Deadline to apply for Fall 2018 is June 1; decision made by the end of July. Deadline to apply for Spring 2019 is October 15; decision made by end of November.) 

The scholarships will be awarded to three (3) students (as described above) who are admitted to the Georgia Tech-Lorraine program, and based on the following criteria:

- Significant financial need
- Review of GTL Challenge Scholarship Application 
• personal reasons for wishing to attend GTL
• future professional goals 
• personal situation and circumstances explaining why you are applying for the Scholarship    

Applications will be reviewed by a committee, in coordination with the Office of Financial Aid. Please complete the Georgia Tech-Lorraine Challenge Scholarship application online. (please follow the instructions on the application as to where to send the requested letters of recommendation)


The GTL Global Fellowship recognizes the impact that completing a masters degree in France will have on developing a global mindset for the engineers and scientists of tomorrow. Up to four fellowships will be awarded each year to motivated students who best demonstrate how this global fellowship will impact their future career goals.
This fellowship is intended for prospective masters degree students who have been accepted to Georgia Tech, through the school of CS, ME, or ECE, and agree to complete at least two consecutive semesters at Georgia Tech-Lorraine. Preference will be given to students who agree to complete their entire masters degree at the Georgia Tech-Lorraine campus. This fellowship is not need-based. Recipients will be selected by committee upon review of all applications submitted.
Up to $19,000 will be disbursed from the GTL Global Fellowship each year, as follows:

  • $7,000 – awarded to two masters students who intend to spend two semesters or more at Georgia Tech-Lorraine. ($3,500 to be disbursed at the beginning of the student's first semester at Georgia Tech-Lorraine. An additional $3,500 to be disbursed at the beginning of the student's last semester at Georgia Tech-Lorraine.)
  • $2,500 – awarded to two masters students who intend to spend one semester at Georgia Tech-Lorraine. (one award for Spring and one award for Fall semester)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Acceptance into a Georgia Tech masters program through the school of CS, ECE, or ME, indicating Georgia Tech-Lorraine as your campus of choice.
  • For $7,000 award – Agree to complete at least two consecutive semesters of study at the Lorraine campus
  • For $2,500 award – For one semester of study at the Lorraine campus
  • Completion of the GTL Global Fellowship Application
  • Submission of two letters of recommendation, as indicated on the application

Deadline to apply for Fall 2018 is June 1; decision made by the end of July. Deadline to apply for Spring 2019 is October 15; decision made by end of November.

Please address any questions regarding this fellowship to, Andrea Gappell.


Graduate Students: Calls for applications: new "Make Our Planet Great Again" funding programs to study and conduct research in France. For Master's and PhD students. Please read and review deadlines and application procedures. This program is a French government initiative and not administered by Georgia Tech-Lorraine.


The Office of International Education (OIE) Scholarships for Study Abroad

Application deadline: October 15

Please follow the link below for information on OIE-adminstered scholarships:


Assistantships (RA)

Resident Assistant (RA) Job Description

Resident Assistants (RAs) are integral to the operation of the French residence halls. They will be committed to the well-being of Georgia Tech-Lorraine students and to the success of the Georgia Tech-Lorraine study abroad program. 

RAs report to the Georgia Tech-Lorraine Area Manager-Housing and act as liaison between students and Georgia Tech-Lorraine Area Manager-Housing and/or between students and Residence Director

Georgia Tech-Lorraine is a Georgia Institute of Technology campus and established Georgia Tech policies for Resident Assistants and other students are exercised.


Application deadlines (Tentative):                               Selection notification:
Spring Semester:           October 15th         ==>              November 15th
Fall Semester:                June 15th              ==>              July 15th
Summer Semester:        March 9th              ==>              March 30th


The ideal candidate will need to demonstrate the following:

  • Previous RA experience, or comparable work experience (preferred but not required)

  • Leadership ability

  • Discretion when dealing with the personal problems of other students

  • Experience in conflict resolution

  • Knowledge and willingness to enforce Georgia Tech policies

  • Preferred, but not required:  Some ability to speak French 

RA Responsibilities:

  • Help out as shuttle chaperones at the beginning and end of the semester, if they use the shuttle transportation provided from the airports to the dorms
  • Conduct dorm orientations at the beginning of the semester
  • Provide student support in the residence (ie. provide dorm information, school information, answer questions on the Georgia Tech-Lorraine Facebook page when on duty, report problems in the residence, provide conflict resolution among students, and deal with and report disciplinary problems, when necessary, etc.)
  • Make duty rounds throughout the buildings twice a night at 8pm and at 12am (midnight)
  • Fill out online duty round reports within 30 minutes after the completion of each round
  • Participate in bi-weekly staff meetings
  • Provide additional support to the Area Manager-Housing as requested

NOTE:    RAs on duty must always keep the duty phone on their person and respond promptly when called (unless in class)


Typical Work Schedule:

Fall and Spring semesters:  Monday – Thursday 

Summer semester:  Monday – Thursday or Tuesday –Thursday, depending on the semester calendar 

There is no weekend duty. As a general rule, RAs work on class nights only and the time commitment averages 8-10 hours per week


RA Compensation:

Please note that students selected to be RAs will be assigned to a dorm, based on the staffing needs at Georgia Tech-Lorraine and on their specific level of experience. Dorm preferences will be taken into consideration, however, and accommodated if possible.

RAs will get free rent.

Their Program Fees will be adapted to reflect this compensation. (Note: a small portion of the housing fees will be paid up front, but reimbursed over the course of the semester on their bursar account; The payment of this housing fee portion requires that timesheets be submitted bi-weekly to Karen Pierce)


RA Selection Process

Online Application: Complete the following application.

Interview: Upon completion of the online application, each candidate will be contacted by the GT-L staff  (Karen Pierce, Dr Paul Voss or Sarah Malak) for an interview via Skype.

For any additional information, please contact Karen PierceSarah Malak or Paul Voss  



The Georgia Tech-Lorraine Eurail Blogger Contest (open to undergraduate students only)

A  two-month EURAIL pass will be awarded in both Fall and Spring semesters to the winners of our Georgia Tech-Lorraine Eurail Blogger Contest. Applicants will need to demonstrate their willingness and ability to write several weekly blog posts for our blog, To Georgia Tech-Lorraine...and Beyond! - To apply, students must already be accepted into the Georgia Tech-Lorraine program. This contest is open to all undergraduate students. The link to apply is below. Deadline to apply for Spring 2019 is November 2, 2018. Winners to be announced by the end of November.

Application for Eurail Blogger Contest - Spring 2019