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Growing up, I moved a lot and enjoyed discovering new cultures and new places from within. Later, it was a thrill to study on three Arts&Metiers campuses in France, at the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia in Spain, and on the campuses of Georgia Tech Lorraine and Altlanta. After graduation, I started working with Schlumberger, an oilfield service company, which offers fantastic technical challenges and opportunities in a truly international setting. Within a team, I design, test and prepare the manufacturing of downhole hardware. I really enjoy having clear deliverable objectives and the means to meet the technical/time/cost targets, while meeting fantastic people along the way. Recently, I trained in Qatar Vietnamese, Tatar and Indian field engineers on our newest prototype developed in France.

Georgia Tech Lorraine has been key to all this. It offers a selection of highly scientific courses with another dynamic than the French system. It opens one's mind and strengthens adaptability and English skills. My double degree ENSAM / GTL was essential to getting my first job with Schlumberger in Houston, Texas.

Last but not least, I met Rebecca, now my wife, at GTL. Our son Adrien was born in Paris last year. He is both French and American.

Woww, Georgia Tech Lorraine can really have a lifelong impact.