Mohamed ABID

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UMI 29 58
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Ph.D. student
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I choosed Georgia Tech for 3 main reasons: the reputation of GT (top 5 in engineering schools in the USA), then, to improve my english skills and finally for the multi-cultural and international aspect. Up to now, I do not regret my choice at all, GTL being now my second family !

Being from Tunisia, and having done my engineering degree in Toulouse, I needed another experience abroad. doing a master at Georgia Tech was a perfect opportunity. I had the chance to meet different people from different countries/nationalities and you can't imagine how much we learn from them !
Moreover, the education system is so much differnt: as opposed to French schools which are more focusing in theory, the american system is away more practical and thus more efficient !

During my study at Georgia Tech Lorraine, I had several opportunities to meet with recruters from different companies (French and international). I can mention the weekly seminars in which professional come present their business and share their experience with us. I loved both air shows in which I participated: the Bourget (in Paris) and Ela (in Berlin) which were completely free of charge (hotel included) for GTL students and really awesome. We felt so important for the different companies which organized workshops to talk to us !
Last, but not least, we had some workshops at GTL during which companies talk to us and help us looking for jobs/internships.