Undergraduate Housing

Photo of Aloes housingAnother photo of Aloes housing

Dorms used in Fall 2015: Lafayette & Aloes*

Below are housing costs in Euros for the two dorms where students will live in Fall 2015

DORM Rent per month Housing deposit Application fees
LAFAYETTE 485.00 € 243.65 € 30.00 €
ALOES 387.70 € 351.70 € 40.00 €

* Rates at ALOES vary based on the specific room and specific building which students are assigned to.


The rent for the entire semester will be included in the program fees. These fees are charged to the students' Bursar accounts one month before departure but will not be due until the end of the first week of classes. The payment deadline is identical to the tuition payment deadline for the semester, posted on the Georgia Tech Registrar’s website: http://www.registrar.gatech.edu

Fall & Spring Program Costs

Item Amount Pay to Due Date
Application Fee $500 Office of International Education At the time students apply
Transient Admission Fee $65 Office of International Education At the time students apply
Resident Tuition Fall  2015: $327 per School Credit Hour (SCH) up to 14 SCH;
For 15 SCH or more: $4,906
Bursar's Office Identical to Atlanta Campus Deadlines
Non-resident Tuition Fall 2015: $7,100 for 12 SCH, $7,400 for 13 SCH, $7,700 for 14 SCH and $8,001 for 15 SCH or more Bursar's Office Identical to Atlanta Campus Deadlines
Housing & Program Fees* Fall 2015* (see foot note): $2,710 (ALOES dorm), $3,270 (Lafayette dorm) Bursar's Office Same as payment to pay GT tuition and fees
Meals $2300** This figure is an estimate only Not Applicable
Technology & Institutional Fees $651 Bursar's Office Identical to Atlanta Campus Deadlines

Fall 2015 Program Fees: The Fall 2015 program fees listed above, take into account expected increases, but will in all likelihood go down slightly.

All Program Fees will be charged to the students' bursar accounts, and will be due on the same dates tuition are due, at the end of phase 2 of registration

*Program Fees: Housing costs and the Georgia Tech-Lorraine Fees (i.e Medical Insurance, student ISIC card, Administrative Fees)

**There is no meal plan associated with Georgia Tech-Lorraine. Students are responsible for their own meals. All rooms in Lafayette and Aloes 2 are equipped with a kitchenette (hotplates, small refrigerator, and a microwave). In Aloes 1 there are shared kitchens equipped with cooktops, sinks, refrigerators, tables, chairs and racks for about 6 persons.

NOTE: Students are also responsible for their own transportation and travel expenses during the semester. On average, students spend $200 per week to cover all these expenses.