Undergraduate Programs

Quality academics. Meaningful international internships. Pioneering undergraduate research. Incredible travel opportunities. A unique international experience. That’s what Georgia Tech Lorraine offers students from Georgia Tech and leading U.S. universities.

Undergraduate programs are offered  year-around–Fall, Spring and Summer. All courses are taught in English by Georgia Tech faculty. Students may sign up for research in the Fall & Spring semesters in ECE, ME and CS

All students with a minimum GPA of 2.5 and in good standing may apply, as long as they find enough classes to take at Georgia Tech-Lorraine

Summer semester class enrollment requirement: Minimum 10 SCH, Maximum 13 SCH

Fall & Spring semesters class enrollment requirement: Minimum 12 SCH, Maximum 15 SCH Students who wish to take more than 15 SCH must get an authorization from Catherine Bsss