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Welcome: President of Georgia Tech-Lorraine

Welcome: President of Georgia Tech-Lorraine

When I see the transformation of our students as they combine their Georgia Tech education with a cultural experience of a lifetime--living abroad, discovering Europe, making lasting international friendships, being challenged with internships or research in a truly global environment, I know we are indeed preparing our students for the 21st century. The Georgia Tech-Lorraine experience enables our students to build confidence and develop leadership qualities that will last a lifetime.

The growth of Georgia Tech-Lorraine has been fueled in many ways by the Unité Mixte Internationale UMI 2958 GT-CNRS, a unique international joint laboratory between the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), with a presence both in Metz and in Atlanta. This innovative international partnership stimulates joint research programs in strategic technological areas, and fuels the exchange of ideas between students, researchers, and faculty.

The faculty and staff of Georgia Tech-Lorraine are deeply committed to their extraordinary mission: to build an innovative European/US partnership in education, research, and economic development that will benefit our students, our Institute, the State of Georgia, and the Region of Lorraine. Georgia Tech-Lorraine is in many ways unique and perfectly positioned to seize these new opportunities. It is an exciting time for Georgia Tech-Lorraine.

Yves H. Berthelot
President, Georgia Tech-Lorraine

Vice Provost for International Initiatives and Steven A. Denning Chair for Global Engagement, Georgia Institute of Technology