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NEW Mentoring Program

Check out our new mentoring program. Are you a student/young alumnus getting ready to start your career?

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GT Club de France

GT Club de France brings together Georgia Tech alumni living in France along with thosse who have studied at Georgia Tech-Lorraine or participated in one of Tech's study abroad programs to France, those who want to work in France, or alumni who want to maintain a connection to France.

Join the club to stay in touch with your former classmates or to network with French alumni. All contact information updates will be shared with Georgia Tech-Lorraine Alumni Affairs, and with the Georgia Tech Alumni Association in Atlanta.

For more information about GT Club de France, please contact: Sébastien Leclerc.

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Georgia Tech Alumni Association

With more than 160,000 alumni throughout the world, the Georgia Tech Alumni Association serves to connect alumni with each other and back to the Institute.

Alumni may reconnect with Georgia Tech in a variety of ways. More than 100 geographic alumni clubs offer alumni an opportunity to network, support the recruiting of Tech students, raise money for local scholarships and serve in a volunteer leadership role.

Alumni who live or work overseas may stay connected with other Tech alumni through networking facilitated by the Alumni Association.

Visit the Georgia Tech Alumni Association website for more information.