Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research | International Undergraduate Research | Summer Research - (SURE)


International research at Georgia Tech Lorraine creates opportunities that benefit the student, Georgia Tech Lorraine and the Lorraine community. Students work on multi-cultural teams, which may include cooperation with local research facilities, agencies, schools, or other organizations.

For many students, this marks the beginning of an academic journey that impacts their view of global issues providing foundation for future grant proposals, graduate-level research, fellowships, or international career paths.

Students interested in academic research while at Georgia Tech Lorraine have two options which earn credit toward graduation:

Undergraduate Research(1-3 Credits)

Students may participate in a 1-3 credit hour activity supervised by a Georgia Tech-Lorraine professor, in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical and computer engineering or computer science. Research topics are selected by the sponsoring professor and the student based upon the interests of the student and previous course or work experience the student already has. For more information, students may contact Dr. Paul Voss or Dr. Henry Owen or apply directly for Computer Science or Electrical and Computer Engineering research opportunities using the forms found online.


International Undergraduate Research(6 Credits)

The international undergraduate research experience allows students to participate in a 6 credit hour (3 hours of ECE elective and 3 hours of free elective) formal course and research activity at Georgia Tech Lorraine. This course is a one semester, intensive research opportunity that is “ready to go” at the beginning of the semester (no searching or finding a topic after students have joined). Students have a variety of topics to choose from; all of which align with European research activities ongoing at Georgia Tech Lorraine. For more information, students may contact Dr. Paul Voss.


Summer Research Experience - (SURE) Program

SURE International is designed to provide unique international research and development (R&D) opportunities for leading minority undergraduate students at Morehouse College and Spelman College. The SURE program is 12 weeks in length and spent at Georgia Tech Lorraine in Metz, France.

Students conduct research with French research institutions and/or Georgia Tech faculty researching in Metz. Students are assigned a graduate mentor and throughout the program, gain an understanding of research opportunities, research practices outside the U.S. as well as advice on applying for graduate school in the U.S. Students also have an opportunity to visit industrial R&D centers, including Airbus (Toulouse, France), Goodyear (Luxembourg), and Delphi (Luxembourg), in order to gain practical experience on how global R&D works in the E.U., the world’s largest market.

Additional student experiences may include:

  • Developing an understanding of how regulatory, labor and cultural environments differ in the European Union compared with the United States

  • Attend weekly videoconference research lectures from Atlanta

  • Participate in free French language and culture classes at Georgia Tech-Lorraine

For more information, students may contact Dr. Paul Voss.